FOD Removal & The FOD*BOSS®

FOD removal should be just that: removal.  The FOD*BOSS is a FOD removal system that has been specifically designed for this task and minimizes the subsequent overwhelming economic cost of aircraft system damage, the indirect costs of flight delays and cancellations, and the consequential loss in the airport’s and/or airline’s profit.  A flexible system that helps address the challenges and acknowledges the needs of efficient and profitable airport operations, the FOD*BOSS is an inherently more flexible and nimble option for the apron and taxiway areas.  Imagine trying to navigate a sweeper truck around parked aircraft and all the other vehicles and people working in this area? 

The FOD*BOSS can, and safely too. Further, it can be quickly deployed whenever a FOD event occurs, or as part of routine airport FOD management procedures. Simply, the FOD*BOSS is a friction sweeper that uses unique patent-protected and exclusive critical safety design features that are the culmination of over 30 years of targeted R&D inputs, and a continuous improvement program. These exclusive features include a Debris Retention Blade and Triple Elevator Steps technology to scoop up and retain FOD within the capture zone. It is designed with the FODStop™ Barrier System to secure all FOD within the sweeper and prevent transverse movement of debris and potentially spilling sideways from the sweeper.

Simple and Easy Emptying

Remove and sort your FOD simply and easily to help improve your ability to identify its source and reoccurrence.

Adaptable and Flexible

The FOD*BOSS comes in 3 sizes allowing you to adapt your sweeping footprint to the area being maintained.