We understands the need to have a pristine racing surface prior to every event. Drivers require the safest racing environment possible if they are going to be able to safely push their cars to the limit. This means they need to be able to rely on their tires and have confidence they can handle every challenge the track provides. Having a track sweeping system that is designed to produce an unrivalled debris pick-up rate combined with a forward operating speed of up to 40 mph (65 kph), can allow racing circuits to provide driver confidence in track conditions without the delays normally associated with thorough track sweeping and maintenance operations.


For 20 years, the world’s largest motor racing events have relied on the FOD*BOSS Tracksweep to sweep debris and maintain a safe environment for drivers, cars, support personnel, and spectators alike. Keeping your track system clean is vitally important as vehicles are usually operated at their speed and traction limits. The FOD*BOSS Tracksweep can efficiently sweep your racing track surface with an unrivalled debris pick-up rate in a matter of minutes. Now your event can avoid delays when rubber debris, glass, and carbon fibre fragments, etc. threaten the safety of your racing circuit.



Have you noticed that certain sections of your racing circuit have different debris production rates? It might be certain corners, narrow racing lines or sections that really challenge the drivers’ skill. Sure, you can clean the track prior to the main race, but how do you deal with debris that is produced mid-race and between events? This is where the FOD*BOSS Tracksweep helps you become the master of racing circuit debris. The Tracksweep can be easily deployed in minutes and due to its high-speed operational capability, can provide sweeping at the maximum rate of up to 8,171,961 ft2 (7592) in a single hour! That’s the same as sweeping the entire Bahrain Formula 1 circuit in less than 20 minutes! Now you can sweep pre-race, and even mid-race under red-flag conditions quickly and effectively. See how fast the FOD*BOSS Tracksweep can clean your racing circuit here.