Aircraft heater DELTA III, Deutz D 2011 Diesel engine, trailer mounted , 4 foam filled tires, parking brake by tow bar, 200 kW heating capacity with high pressure Bentone fuel burner, stainless steel heat exchanger, 200 litre stainless steel fuel tank, belt driven high pressure blower, control panel with emergency switch, illuminated control panel,70 -100 degree C heating mode at 0 degree C , ventilation mode, low engine start up speed, engine shut down at low oil pressure – high coolant temperature and over speeding , red beacon at engine failure, yellow beacon for heater working, 15 meter x 300 mm air hoses with low weight AM 200 PL adapters, one colour paint RAL 9016 white , stainless steel roof panels.

Delta heater supplies heated air to aircraft cabin and extremely rapid pre-heating of engines or steady state heating comfort during turn around. 

NON – COMBUSTION HEAT : The unit has a closed flame heater and is designed for airports with all types of aircraft.  Heat is provided from a high performance Diesel engine powered  heater  with a bullet proof stainless steel heat exchanger. The heater will provide heated air in just a minute.  It is no need to run the Diesel engine up to operation temperature level before start heating. The heat from DELTA is almost instantaneous. 

OPERATION : The Delta heater is designed to be operated by unskilled personnel. There are only two controls to handle. One start key for the engine and one button for heating mode. Discharge temperature will be set by an thermostat by the operator. 

All Delta  model  cart has excellent manoeuvre ability with only 2.0 meter turning diameter. 

ECONOMY : Operating cost represent over 90 %  fuel saving over APU operation cost and long term cost is lower than any other compare able heater .  We have 12 months warranty on the unit and 60 months on the heat exchanger. 

MAINTENANCE :  The Delta  heater has big access panels provided for access ability to all major components. The heater has very few mechanical parts and is therefore extremely easy to maintain. All components are tested in actual service to offer you the ultimate in trouble free operation. There are no radiators, ducts, engine exhaust heat exchanger or valves to maintain. 

DESIGN FEATURES :  The high performance heat technology will provide instantaneously heat with few moving parts and unbeatable reliable safe to operate. Turntable steering with excellent manoeuvre ability and tow bar combined with parking brake.

CHASSIS. The DELTA heater chassis is made of heavy duty tubular frame which gives the heater a low center of gravity. The heavy duty airless tires are puncture free and mounted on cone-shaped roll bearings. The front end is extremely robust and connected to two pivot wheels. The turning diameter is only 2,5 m.

The tow bar is easily replaceable and incorporates a pulling handle and a towing eyelet. The heater is also built with a parking brake which is activated by the tow bar when placed in upright position.

The fuel tank for the Diesel engine is mounted separately in the chassis, well protected but easy access able through the inspection hatch. It`s made of stainless steel and equipped with surge baffles and has a capacity of  200  liters for long operation time between fueling.

The fuel filler pipe is easy access able and fitted with a sturdy filler cap with locking device.

The heater can operate on Diesel fuel # 1 or Jet Fuel A or a mix of both. 

PRIME MOTOR. The Delta  heater can be delivered with different types of Diesel engines  The engines are specially selected  for the heater operation conditions and they full fill the latest environmentally regulations. As standard the heater will be delivered with an environment friendly Diesel engine with 12 volt electrical system.

The Diesel engine is mounted in the chassis with vibration dampers and supplied with sound silencer to keep the noise level below 85 dBA. The engines can also be supplied with cold weather start aid kit. Control panel for the engine is easily readable from the outside.  

HEATER. The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel and is connected to a flame proof high pressure fuel burner for maximum efficiency and reliability. The heat exchanger tubes are not welded but pressed together in a process patented by Kocoverk International AB. That’s why we have 60 months warranty.

The fan is made of steel and aluminium and is optimized for the heater. It is well protected against mechanical damage.

Two security thermostats are located at the air outlet to prevent excessive air temperature into the working area.  Heat regulation is done automatically.  

ENCLOSURE. The Delta heater is built with a steel canopy with galvanized steel for rust protection. The canopy is functionally built in order to be completely open and to give access to the engine and the burner for routine inspection.

The canopy is structured of heavy steel to withstand stresses, vibrations and shock associated with heavy use of the equipment. The canopy has a arched roof to get rid of rain water. The heater is supplied with reflexes on all sides. The canopy side panels are drawn in on the frame in order to protect them against damage.

The air hose is of highest quality and 300 mm in diameter and with length of 15 meter.

As an option other air hose dimensions and lengths can be supplied. The adapter is of light weight construction.

The heater has a warning lamp on top of the enclosure indicating burner stop. 

CONTROLS. All operator controls, instrumentation and indicators on the unit are front panel mounted for the easy of operating personnel. All components conform to IP 54 and all such devices are permanently marked in a clear manner as to function and identification.

There are gauges and meters for air temperature, hour meter, fuel meter and emergency switch.

The control panel for the Diesel engine is located close to the operator panel for easy access for  indications on the operating engine.

The panel is covered with a plastic shield and drawn in on the side panel to be protected against damage. The panel is also illuminated. 

MANUALS. Complete operation, maintenance, service and parts manuals are furnished with each unit.

The heater comply with CE regulation and IATA demand AHM 910, 913 , 915 , 916 , 973 and EC machinery directive 89 / 392 EEC.


Air flow  nominell

Discharge pressure nom.

Discharge temperature

Ambient operation temp.

Fuel burner

Heater  fuel

Heat capacity  nominell

Fuel tank

Time of operation  min

Dielsel engine type


Generator Power

Electric power





Turning diameter

Air hose

6000 m3 / h

4000 Pa

70 – 100 degree C

Down to  –  40 degree C


Winter Diesel # 1 or a mix with 50 % Jet fuel A

200 kW

200 liter

18 hours


3 cyl

2,1 kVa

230 V / 50 Hz

2,5 m

1,7 m

1,6 m

1150 kg

2,5 m

300 mm x 15 meter