Ecological and safe dust control

General Information

The effectiveness of Eco-Binder products is based on either collecting the moisture from air to moist the ground (hygroscopic) or binding the particles to bigger units (flocculate).

Less dust is generated in both methods. Flocculation can also reduce the amount of dissolution of harmfull substances to enviroment.

Areas of use

  • ground water areas
  • unpaved roads
  • urban areas, street dust
  • farms, manages
  • ports
  • construction sites
  • waste handling sites
  • cement plants


  • Eco-Binder F
  • Eco-Binder G
  • Eco-Binder Bio
  • Eco-Binder Geo
  • Eco-Binder S
  • play grounds and court yards
  • peat and woodchips production
  • mines and enrichment plants


  • natural and sustainable solutions to dust control
  • do not end up in wells and water systems
  • safe for people and animals
  • high concentration of active substances
  • easy to store, long shelf life and freezing point down to -50ºC
  • can be used also to bind dust in subzero conditions

Instructions for use

  • easy to apply with common liquid spreader
  • easy to dilute with water according to use
  • more information available from the manufacturer