Help Achieve Mission-Zero Carbon Emissions With An Electric Powered FOD Sweeping System

The world’s leaders recently met in Glasgow during COP26 to discuss carbon reduction initiatives and targets. A range of industries were identified where specific action is needed, including the mining industry. The aviation sector also has a role to play, although airport decarbonisation plans may need a longer-term perspective.
However, unless we start looking into how we can achieve specific targets through our decisions today, the net-zero carbon objective can become challenging to achieve.
So, how can we act now to reap benefits in the short term? The answer is the choice of FOD sweeping technology being used. Let’s look specifically at “gas-guzzling” truck-based mechanical sweepers. We have a net-zero carbon alternative available today that is more effective, faster and can produce cost-of-ownership savings of up to 95% per month! Motorised or fuel-powered mechanical sweepers are well known for being large and expensive, but they also produce a significant amount of carbon. A typical sweeper truck produces 7,946 (g/km) of carbon, while a typical utility vehicle produces about 213 (g/km). However, a fully electric vehicle and FOD*BOSS combination produce zero carbon emissions!
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