Looking to improve airside safety, efficiency, and reduce costs?

As the aviation industry is looking to open up again in a post-pandemic world, everyone is looking to see how they can save costs without risking safety.  When it comes to sweeping your AOAs for Foreign Object Debris (FOD), the FOD*BOSS is not only the most effective FOD sweeping system available, it is also the safest and most cost-effective!  The most dangerous debris cannot be seen with the naked eye, but The FOD*BOSS Sweeper will find it!
Sweeping your airfield clean, increasing productivity, and ensuring you have the safest airside work environments are key to reducing expenses at a time when airports and airlines are struggling to rebuild in a post-pandemic aviation world.  In this newsletter, you can learn how the FOD*BOSS Sweeper can provide the cleanest possible tarmac surface, improve airside safety, and at the same time reduce your operating expenses.  (3 Min Read)
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