Vehicle DWR PRIME for the application of deicing fluids

Special vehicle for the distribution of liquid anti-ice reagents DYNASET DWR Prime is used for:

• Elimination of icing and snow formation on runways.

• Preventing ice formation and simplifying its removal from airport runways.

DYNASET equipment installed on the chassis of the truck. The supply pressure of the ice removal system is provided by a high pressure hydraulic pump connected to the engine of the machine.

The high-pressure ice removal system includes two high-pressure pumps (Dynaset HPW), an oil tank with filters, a pipeline, electrical distributors for controlling tips for selected zones, electrical distributors for controlling booms, and a tank of anti-icing fluid.

A system for remote diagnosis and reprogramming of equipment, by connecting via the Internet with the manufacturer’s service department.

The equipment complies with Euro 6 standards. The adjustment of the width of the rods is 3 m, 14 m, 24 m. The emergency stop system of the equipment in the cabin and on each side of the car. Optional remote gun for dispensing reagent or washing equipment.

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