This is a unique and effective device designed for the removal of obstructions from roads, highways and covering the runways of airports. FOD * BOSS is much more effective than existing analogues and allows you to achieve maximum results at minimum cost.

The equipment is specially designed for high-speed cleaning of coatings from foreign objects: debris, sand, stone and metal objects that can damage vehicles and aircraft. The equipment has many years of experience on the roads, racing tracks, including Formula 1 races, airports, as well as cargo terminals.


What customers are saying about the FOD * BOSS

"FOD * BOSS has already collected more foreign objects than a vacuum-type airfield sweeper. Evidence of this-boxes of foreign objects removed from the airfield Dryden. There were as many as two boxes, including rivets, paper clips, wire, etc.FOD*BOSS is cheaper and easier to operate compared to other means of mechanical cleaning.»

Head of maintenance Team at NASA Dryden Research center (USA)

"Zurich international airport has been using the FOD * BOSS device for more than three years. This device is an important element of our program of cleaning the airfield from foreign objects, regularly and successfully used in combination with vacuum cleaning machines on the platform and aircraft Parking.»

Head of aerodrome maintenance Service at Zurich international airport, Switzerland

"Demonstration tests of FOD * BOSS on Friday were very successful. Just conducted three tests. All present agreed that FOD * BOSS will play a key role in maintaining the cleanliness and removal of foreign objects... Impressive!»

Commercial Department of Boeing, long beach, California, USA

"The FOD*BOSS was airports available cleaner the airfield from foreign objects. The aviation safety Foundation of Australia believes that it is an effective and cost-effective device development company Aerosweep provided a significant reduction in damage caused by foreign objects, and are worthy of obtaining a Certificate of aviation security.»

The aviation safety Foundation of Australia

about us

Our company Kemro Oy specializes in the supply and sale of chemical products and airfield equipment in the EU and Russia. We are official exclusive representatives of the FOD*BOSS equipment in Finland, and also Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova.